Paste Flowmeter - 翻译中...

Paste Flowmeter - 翻译中...

What is paste flow meter ?

We often encounter the flow measurement of paste, such as Ketchup flow meter, jam sauce flowmeter, peanut butter flow transmitter, fruit paste flow measuring element, honey flow meter, slurry, tomato paste, chocolate jam flow metering, garlic sauce, cream flow meter. These paste flow measurement is very tricky, the viscosity is very high (the viscosity for example Peanut Paste butter can reach to 20000-30000 cps) , these fluid can contains solids, can be in fluid, suspension, paste or powder form, and these paste fluidity is very poor. For some flowmeters with moving parts, such as turbine flowmeters, the paste butter can destroy the flow metering sensor, and the electromagnetic flowmeter cannot be used for the measurement of very high viscosity liquids.
However Coriolis flow meter is a very accurate, particularly high-precision flow meter that can measure paste and butter.

How the paste flow meters develop?

Industrial measurement based on mass (such as proportioning and mixing, batch production, and continuous process production), trade and measurement based on mass flow measurement was realized when first Coriolis flow meter came out. In the past, volume flow meter pulse density meter and temperature conversion were used to calculate mass flow, but it is not direct mass flow measurement, it is not very accurate. Until Mr. James E. Smith of the United States invented the first Coriolis mass flowmeter in 1977, and Micro Motion Inc. of the United States commercialized it into a practical stage, the petroleum, chemical, energy, food, paper, pharmaceutical, trade and other industries have adopted CMF Coriolis mass flow meter to improve production efficiency and economic efficiency.

Features of Coriolils mass flow meter for paste

CMF is a flowmeter designed based on the Coriolis force principle, which can directly measure paste mass flow. It has many advantages that other flowmeters can't match:
(1) It realizes real and high-precision direct mass flow measurement, which is urgently expected by many application fields, such as peanut paste, tooth paste, fruit paste, cream , milk of lime, paper pulp, heavy oil, resin, gypsum suspension, silicic acid , thick slurries, heavy solids or viscous ingredients etc. flow measurement. Paste and slurry flow measurement accuracy is up to+0.5%.
(2) There are no moving parts and obstacles in the paste flowmeter tube, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance, it is especially important for paste flow measurement with poor liquidity.
(3) Multi-parameter measurement: slurries flow meter can measure the density of paste with high accuracy online, also measuring the mass flow of fluid, the concentration of solid content, flow rate and total flow volume,Brix measurement.
(4) Paste density, viscosity, conductivity, temperature, and pressure and flow rate distribution is not sensitive for Coriolis mass flow meter.

Technical Specifications of Coriolis mass flow meter for paste flow measurement

  • Fluids: Various pastes, such as Peanut paste, tomato paste, fruit paste, toothpaste, butter and cream, honey, thick slurries, cream, jam sauce, ketchup, Garlic Sauce, chocolate jam.etc
  • Coriolis flow meters have many sizes for paste measurement: such as 3/8”,1/2”,3/4 inch, 1”, DN25,DN32,DN40,2 inch, 2.5”, 3”, 4 inch,5 inch ,6” and 8 inch.
  • Flow ranges can be detected by paste flow meter: 0~40 kg/h, 0~220 lb/h,0~7 lbs/min, 0~8 kg/min, 0-1 ton/h, 0~3 t/hr, 0~10 tonnes (mass) per hour, 0~12 lb/s, 0-1100 lb/min, 0~50 t/h, 0-100 ton/hr, 0-2500 kg/min, 0-122 lbs/s,0-400 t/h, 0-500 t/h;
  • Viscosity range: suitable for high viscous paste;
  • Paste operation temperature range: standard -50~150°C, max temperature can be 662 °F.
  • Output: 4-20 mA DC, frequency, MODBUS RTU RS485, Option with HART protocol;
  • Process Connection: Flange, thread,  SMS Sanitary Connection, tri-clamp (sanitary type).etc
  • Measuring tube material – SS 316 L
  • Can also be made into high pressure type paste flow meter , such as 4Mpa,3600 psi, 4600 PSI.etc
  • Low price paste flow meter from SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS
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